Stella Cast

Stella Cast

Think of Stella Cast! as 1/2 talk show, 1/2 news service, and 1/2 culinary Q&A.

Chef Jacob aggregates everything that's going on in the Stella Culinary Universe and turns it into podcast form. This allows you to stay up to date on the Stella Culinary forums, behind the scenes happenings, and really anything else that Jacob feels like talking about.

While a lot of the audio podcasts will be Chef Jacob flying solo and answering forum questions and talking industry news, he also taps into other industry professionals in the form of interviews and guest co-hosts to bring interesting perspectives from different areas of the culinary arts.

This is an un-edited, casual culinary conversation. Explicit language is sometimes used.

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SCAST 019| J. Kenji Lopez Alt - The Food Lab

Chef Jacob interviews Food Lab aurthor J. Kenji Lopez Alt on Stella Cast Episode 19.

In this episode of Stella Cast, we welcome J. Kenji Lopez Alt, managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats, and author of the wildly popular Food Lab Blog.

In September of 2015, Kenji released his book, The Food Lab - Better Home Cooking Through Science, which landed him on the New York Time's Best Sellers list.

Here are some things we discussed in this episode:

SCast 016| Sourdough Bread Baker Dave Mott

Sourdough Bread Baker Dave Mott interviewed on Stella Cast by Chef Jacob Burton

In this episode of Stella Cast, I talk with Sourdough Bread Baker and Stella Culinary Community member Dave Mott.

Dave was an early Stella Culinary "bread head," and recently created a micro-bakery in Canada called Rye Not Bread.  We discuss everything from beginner issues and pitfalls with sourdough, to Dave's bread baking workflow, and some tips and tricks he picked up along the way.

You can keep up with Dave's sourdough bread baking adventures by following him on FaceBook at Rye Not Breads.

SCAST 015| R&D Chef Kimberly Schaub

R&D Chef Kimberly Schaub is featured on this episode of Stella Cast.

Kimberly worked in the world famous Modernist Cuisine test kitchen. During her time at "MC," Schaub assited in recipe testing and development as well as modern, multi-course tasting menus presented to some of the world's most elite chefs.

Schaub is currently the Product Innovation Manager for Lundberg Family Farms and runs her personal culinary blog, Peas On Moss.

SCAST 014| Hank Shaw - Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook

Hank Shaw - Buck, Buck, Moose,, Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook

I'm happy to welcome my good friend Hank Shaw to Stella Cast.

Hank is the James Beard Award winning author of the popular blog Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook. He just successfully funded his third and latest book through Kickstarter, Buck, Buck, Moose. It can currently be pre-ordered on

Hank will be hosting a pop-up dinner in Sacramento this coming February. To be notified when tickets become available, sign up for his newsletter at


SCast 007| Menu Planning

If you've ever wanted to be a fly on the wall for one of our menu meetings, now's your chance. We spend the first 20 minutes of the podcast talking about chicken wings and sauces, and then switch gears into planning an all sea food menu for an upcoming pop-up dinner. Maybe you'll find it fascinating, maybe you'll find it dreadfully boring. But this is a big part of what we do for a living, so I thought it might interest some of you. Whether you love it or hate it, I'm open to hearing your feedback on this episode.

SCast 003| Sourdough Baguettes, Double Hydration, Soy Lecithin

This one's for the bread heads! We talk sourdough baguettes and why you need to bake at a higher temperature than traditional breads, and I give Tmorrision feedback on his sourdough boule. I answer a question on double hydration sourdoughs, and how soy lecithin can be used to enhance your breads that contain fat. We finish the conversation troubleshooting large holes in the interior crumb of a bread.

SCast 002| Pink Salt in Brines, Tyndallization, Duck Confit

In this episode we talk about using sodium nitrite when brining pork for added flavor and color retention, and how the addition of baking soda can lead to more tenderness. We also talk about "tyndallization" and if that concept can allow you to sterilize meats for long term storage using sous vide. Then we finish this episode with a quick question about fats turning rancid after being used for confit, and get an update from Mack-The-Knife on his Halloween dinner preparation, talking about pumpkin pie and cheese cake.

SCast 001| Pork Stew, Infused Oils, Mother Sauces and Eggs

In this episode we jump on Mack-The-Knife's Halloween inspired dinner, talking about braised pork stew with apples. We also talk infused oils and how they can be incorporated into various dishes, sauces, & emulsions; I answer PagenBear's question on how to best practice the Five French Mother Sauces, and we finish the episode talking scrambled eggs and omelettes.

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