Stella Culinary is an oasis of cooking technique and understanding amid a sea of dogmatic blogs and souless recipe websites.

Created and ran by Chef Jacob Burton, Stella Culinary produces content that teaches you the whys and hows of cooking, so you can stop following recipes and start creating.

Stella Culinary started in March 2008 as FreeCulinarySchool.com and was driven by the Free Culinary School Podcast, also known as FCS. Frustrated by the lack of culinary technique available to the average online audience, Chef Jacob created the FCS podcast to teach you how to cook like a pro by increasing your understanding of culinary techniques and food science.

In 2010, Chef Jacob re-branded Free Culinary School as Stella Culinary in partnership with Stella Restaurant and the Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, CA, where he was the Executive Chef for five and a half years.

In October of 2015, Chef Jacob parted ways with Stella Restaurant and the Cedar House property to travel and consult. He ended as the opening Executive Chef of a new lifestyle hotel in Reno, Nevada, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and their basset-beagle mix, Cooper.

The Stella Culinary Content

While you will find recipes on Stella Culinary, the main focus is teaching cooking techniques and food science through our line-up of podcasts and instructional videos.

The Stella Culinary School Podcast is the back-bone of our content and is required listening for anyone who wants to better understand the whys and hows of cooking. Each episode of the SCS podcast is supplemented with technique videos linked in each episode’s show notes.

Besides Stella Culinary School, Chef Jacob hosts two other podcast series.

Ask Chef Jacob was created to answer any questions you may have about cooking, the culinary arts, or the restaurant industry as a whole. You can submit your question on the Ask Chef Jacob podcast page.

Stella Cast is a more laid back talk show format that discusses culinary trends and features interviews with culinarians, chefs, and other interesting people who love food.

Besides our three audio podcasts, Stella Culinary boasts a large video index that contains both basic and advanced cooking techniques.