Stella Culinary School Podcast

The Stella Culinary School Podcast

The Stella Culinary School podcast was created to help educate individuals passionate about the culinary arts. Whether you're a home enthusiast, just starting your culinary career, or a long time professional chef, this podcast loves to get geeky and dive deep, exploring the hows and whys behind cooking techniques, food science, theory, and philosophy. If it can enhance you're food or drink, we want to talk about it.

Hosted by Chef Jacob Burton, an executive chef by day, wanna be broadcaster by night, we feature lecture style episodes that unpack professional level cooking techniques in an approachable fashion, and interviews with culinary taste makers, including chefs, cook book authors, wine makers, brewers, coffee roasters, and anyone else who is passionate about the world of food and beverage.

This isn't a podcast where we talk at you, but an ever evolving culinary conversation in which we participate with you. To learn with you. To reach our ultimate goal of becoming better educated participants and patrons of the culinary arts.

If you're new to the Stella Culinary School Podcast, it is recommended you listen to the first 22 episodes in sequence, starting with episode 1. This is known as our "Core Content," and will give you the foundation you need to build a wealth of culinary knowledge.

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SCS 027| Chef Clint Jolly Live From Buenos Aries, Argentina

Chef Clint Jolly on Stella Culinary School Podcast

In this episode of the Stella Culinary School Podcast, Jacob is joined live by Chef Clint Jolly, who recently sold his successful catering company and decided to take a year abroad to experience new cultures and cuisines.

Chef Clint joins us on the first leg of his trip from Buenos Aries, Argentina to discuss his experiences from the perspective of a traveling chef, his favorite thing he's eaten so far, a lesson on beef age and flavor, and so much more.


SCS 026| Thanksgiving Day Q&A

SCS 026| Thanksgiving Day Q&A

Our epic Thanksgiving series ends with answering community questions on sous vide turkey, turkey roulade, gravy, Brussels sprouts, and much more. In the culinary quick, I talk about how to turn your Thanksgiving Day leftovers into a delicious and easy pot pie, or a turkey and dumpling soup using leftover stuffing.

If you'd like to ask a follow up question, you can do it here, in our official Thanksgiving Day discussion thread.

SCS 024| Let's Talk Turkey!

Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 24| Let's Talk Turkey!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and in this episode, we talk turkey!

Discussion Segment

In the discussion segment I explain why you sould never stuff your turkey or roast it whole. Yes, I know, sacrilidge right? But as cooks, it's our job to cook and serve the best product possible by applying the appropriate technique and execution. The truth of the matter is, the various parts of a turkey should be treated as the sperate cuts they are, and you will never produce the best turkey possible when roasting the turkey whole.

SCS 014| Salad Greens & Dressings

Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 14 | Salad Greens and Dressings

In this episode of the Stella Culinary School Podcast, we start a four part series on basic Garde Manger, also known as the "cold kitchen". In the discussion segment, we talk about flavor structure and how it applies to making your own mixed greens. In the technique segment, we go over the building blocks of a vinaigrette, including the science behind vinegar, and why it's so important in flavor extractions. Then, in the culinary quick tip, how to properly wash and store your salad greens.

SCS 013| Espagnole Sauce

The Five French Mother Sauces

In this episode of The Stella Culinary School Podcast, we finish our five part mother sauce series with a lesson on Sauce Espagnole. Also known as Sauce Brown, Espagnole is the base inspiration for modern day demis and pan sauces. In the discussion segment we go over the evolution of Escoffier's version of Espagnole into modern day demi-glace, and in the culinary quick tip, the three components you need to finish a pan sauce for optimum flavor balance.

SCS 012| Sauce Tomat

The Five French Mother Sauces

In part four of our five part mother sauce series, we talk about Sauce Tomat, the base for many variations of modern tomato sauce. We finish up our talk on thickening agents, with a quick discussion on purees, bread crumbs, and food grade gums like Ultra Tex 3 and Xanthan Gum. In the main technique segment, we go over Escoffier's classic recipe for Sauce Tomat, and then cover some modern variations.

SCS 011| Béchamel Sauce

The Five French Mother Sauces

In part three of our mother sauce series, this lesson focuses on Béchamel Sauce, from which many milk and cream based sauces are derived. We continue our discussion on thickeners, including white wash, beurre manié, corn starch and arrow root. And in the culinary quick tip, how to make a simple macaroni and cheese using a common Béchamel derivative, Mornay.

SCS 010| Sauce Velouté

The Five French Mother Sauces

In part two of our French Mother Sauce series, we go over how to make sauce velouté , including some of the more popular secondary sauces, including Sauce Supreme, Allemande and Vin Blanc. In the discussion segment, we start a three part series on thickening agents used in both sauces and soups. In this episode, we go over roux and liaison.

SCS 007| Braising, Poaching & Roasting

Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 6| Braising, Poaching and Roasting

In this episode, we continue our three part series on basic cooking technique with a lesson on braising, poaching and roasting. In the discussion segment, Jacob answers Scott's question on becoming a chef, and some of the hurdles he will have to overcome in the process. And in the Culinary Quick Tip, we talk about Sous Vide, and how it can be applied to the braising process.

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