Sourdough Bread Baker Dave Mott interviewed on Stella Cast by Chef Jacob Burton

SCast 016| Sourdough Bread Baker Dave Mott

In this episode of Stella Cast, I talk with Sourdough Bread Baker and Stella Culinary Community member Dave Mott.

Dave was an early Stella Culinary "bread head," and recently created a micro-bakery in Canada called Rye Not Bread.  We discuss everything from beginner issues and pitfalls with sourdough, to Dave's bread baking workflow, and some tips and tricks he picked up along the way.

You can keep up with Dave's sourdough bread baking adventures by following him on FaceBook at Rye Not Breads.

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There are 2 Comments

jcbaum's picture

Thanks Jacob!  I enjoyed listening to the podcast with Dave Mott.  Extra tips with baking whole wheat (i.e. maybe up hydration to 80 %).  Also thanks for mentioning how baking bread can almost turn into a journey.......sometimes it might even seem almost a bit lonely unless we connect with other "breadheads" like you all on the internet, and to even try to "conquer" the whole wheat bread enigma (rising and density, etc)!  I have had some success with 50% whole wheat and regular white bread flour using a natural leaven at 70% hydration and only a tablespoon or two of shortening along with ~ 1.5% salt to make a decent sandwich loaf that has flavor.  I ran tha little test on raisin bread one loaf with only raisins and the other loaf with only concentrated grape juice to see if one affected rising more than other.  Well the raisin only loaf rose more than the grape juice version. I did not include cinnamon in either like usual.  The raisin loaf with the background sourdough loaf flavor (both had natural leaven) tasted almost excellent, while the grape juice only tasted almost flat, slightly bitter, and was still dense and not fully baked.  I gave up on the only rye bread version at present.  It seemed like the ultimate enigma!  Thanks so much for this forum.  Thanks also to Dave.  Blessings from Jason



jacob burton's picture

Hey Jason,

Glad you enjoyed the episode, it was a lot of fun talking bread with Dave. And yes, whole wheat bread is the ultimate enigma.