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Anyone every try popeyes, you have it in the states. It's hot and spicy fried chicken. I put some chili powder into my flour today but it just burned. Would ground cayenne burn, is there any spices which do not burn?

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I make stir fries a lot using mainly chicken. I also prefer to deep fry the meat because the spices cling better when done. I've played with the following breadings/batters-plain four, cornstarch, rice flour, potato starch, cornmeal etc etc. 

I'd really like to know what starch/flour provides the best thermal buffer. I hate it when the meat turns out really dry, it just ruins everything.

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Magic Chef ES1850

I do not remember how old this bread machine is, maybe 20 years, but it was space age at the time with a micro-processor..

So I tracked the machine down and made a 1 pound loaf which would be nice with my sous vide beef short ribs tonight.

The sad thing is that I do not remember how the machine works so like a mother with a new born child I am watching every step in the operation.

Does anyone else use a bread machine from time to time?

My wife and I do not eat much anymore in a week.So, a 1 pound loaf will last a while.

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In the old days, the percentage of protein was listed on a package of flour. I consider 9% to 15% too be very good bread flour.

Today, from what I can see is that percentage is not listed anymore but is given in grams.

So, I have a 5 pound bag of flour that is listed as 4 grams of protein in the the mix.

What is the percent of protein?


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Sour Dough bugs are really interesting to me. I think people make too much of an issue with the sourdough starter. I do not remember how old my starter is but it is old. My sour milk culture is better than 20 years old.

My sourdough starter is very slack meaning more water than flour which I keep in a quart canning jar. The reason for slack is to keep the mixture from crawling out of the jar and all it want is to feed the yeast and bacteria to keep them healthy.

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