House Cured Charcuterie

House Cured Charcuterie - Video IndexWelcome to the wonderful world of Charcuterie, the culinary art that takes extremity cuts and turns them into gastronomic gold. By understanding the effect salt, smoke and time have on meat, chef's are able to utilize every part of the animal, showing a greater respect for the product, and turning out some of the most technical and delicious food a cook can make.

Originally developed to store meats before modern refrigeration, charcuterie is still alive and well for one simple reason: it is absolutely delicious!

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HCC 001| How To Make Duck Confit

How to Make Duck Confit - Video Technique

Confit is a one of my all-time-favorite cooking techniques. Confit, translated from French, literally means “preserved.” It was a technique developed by French farmers before refrigeration was available to preserve meat for the leaner months. The fact that refrigerators are a common household item and yet the confit process is still alive and well is a strong testament to just how delicious this technique is.

HCC 006| What Is Pancetta and How To Make It

How to Make Pancetta - Video Technique

Pancetta in its simplest form is salted and cured pork belly that is native to Italian Cuisine and loved throughout the world. Commonly referred to as "Italian Bacon," pancetta's major difference from it's American counterpart is its lack of smoke. Pancetta is commonly flavored with different seasonings and spices, with each region of Italy, (and chef for that matter), having their own preferential spice blend.

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