SCAST 018| Catching Up With Mucho

In this episode of Stella Cast, we catch up with SC community member extraordinaire, Mucho Bocho!

Mucho is always working on something new, and I love picking his brain to see what he's up to. In this episode we talk about:

Win a Stella Culinary T-Shirt!

In this episode I was talking with Mucho about doing a fun contest for the listeners; something of a collective research project if you will. So here's how to play along:

I want you to make garlic confit, and I'm not going to tell you how to do it (it's very easy, just do a little Google-fu on your end and you should be good to go). Mucho said he may write a post on it, but the guy is busy and has a life to live.

Now once you make the garlic confit, I want you to post it in the comment section below or to Facebook. Tell us how you made the garlic confit, and what you used it for. Bonus points if you incorporate your garlic confit into a dish we discussed in this episode of Stella Cast! Be creative, and take pictures.

If you submit your post via Facebook, make sure you tag me and put a link back to this page (and again, post pictures). I'll leave the competition open for a week or so, and then randomly choose somebody to receive a free Stella Culinary T-Shirt of their choice.


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There are 8 Comments

Dan's picture

Garlic confit is easy and you can use it for making elegant garlic bread too. Add too, as condiment in other sandwich prep you would like to do.

You need 1/2 cup olive oil

and 1 medium (whole head) of garlic cloves (peeled).

Heat  oil in small sauce pan over (very) low heat and put the peeled cloves  of garlic until soft but not brown (approx 1 hour). When done You may put the prepared confit (oil and cloves)in a covered mason jar inside the ref. 

When ready to use in your sandwich or making those elegant garlic bread, just smear the banguette or french bread with the oil and top with lightly mashed cloves of prepared garlic confit before toasting it on top of the griddle. (You can use the oven too. If you are using a bread toaster be sure to toast the bread first before smearing the oil and mashed confit. There you go hope you enjoy!

nota bene Any bread or sandwich including bahn mi,    garlic confit will be awesome addition to its taste and flavor. 

You can use it as pizza toppings and great with pasta dishes! 

Chris Klindt's picture

I will not be joining the contest but for people that are, there is a really neat garlic hack for peeling garlic.

The hack consists of placing the full garlic bulb in a glass jar and shaking. The picture above with 1.5 garlic bulbs was created in less than a minute The little cloves are the hardest to remove the skin and may require some finger work to remove.

Today, I am making a confit using chicken fat for chicken breasts, garlic and red potatoes.

RobynH's picture

This is what I uploaded on to my facebook account as and when I partook in Chef Jacob's challenge and I am delighted to share it here.  

There are two days and four parts that I set aside to complete the challenge.
Day 1 - Preparing the Garlic - Part I of 4 

The challenge thanks to Jacob Burton - Create Garlic Confit and then create something delicious. 
Step 1 - locating a small oven proof dish and one head of garlic 

Turn oven on to 150 degrees celsius

Step 2 

Step 2 - separate the cloves of garlic ready to be de-skinned and top and tail the same

Step 3 

Step 3 - put the cleaned cloves into the oven proof dish

Step 4 

Step 4 - measure out 1/2 cup of oil, 3 black pepper corns and 1 bayleaf

Step 5 

Step 5 - very carefully pour the oil into the oven proof bowl, add the black pepper corns, and bayleaf to the prepared cloves of garlic

Step 6 

Step 6 - cover the ovenproof dish with its matching lid - or you could use tinfoil if you did not have a matching lid.

Step 7 

Step 7 - Put your ovenproof dish in the oven for 1 hour at 150 degrees celsius and I have put my jar in the oven to sterilise at the same time.

Step 8 

Step 8 - remove from oven

Step 9 

Step 9 - the unveiling

Step 10 

Step 10 - place in stirilised jar - and when cold put in the refrigerator - use within one week. I will be using mine within 48 hours so I am not concerned about the level of oil, it covers the garlic and the oil will be used for the challenge. Not a drop will be wasted!

Day 2 - Making Garlic Mayonnaise Part 2 of 4 of Chef Jacob's Challenge

Step 1 

So the competition that I am entering was to make a garlic confit and take photos describing what you are doing then prepare something delicious using the garlic confit and I am using my garlic confit in two parts. This is first part. 

This is part 2 of that challenge set by Chef Jacob Burton. I have learnt such a lot from his website that it is incredible. 

Step 1 - bring your prepared garlic confit to room temperature

Step 2 

Step 2 - bring your ingredients together - note in NZ they are selling lemons from the USA! 
Whisked two egg yolks (not just one) 
The oil from the garlic confit 
1/4 teaspoon of mustard powder 
1 teaspoon of vinegar 
1 teaspoon of lemon juice 
a pinch of lemon zest 
a pinch of salt 
Methodology - 
Add egg yolks and mustard and whip 
slowly add the garlic oil (from the garlic confit) 
add the vinegar and the lemon juice and continue to whisk to the consistency that you are looking for - I like mine to be fluid. 

This recipe will last for one week in a sealed airtight jar in the refrigerator. Disgard after that.   

Step 3 

Put in serving bowl - I have added a small piece of basil and mint herb in the centre from my garden - cover with gladwrap or clingwrap and refrigerate until needed. 

The oil from the garlic confit has added a real depth of flavour to the mayonnaise due to the fact that the garlic was roasted in the oil. Intense, rich goodness is this little bowl of mayonnaise.


Part 3 of 4  - Creating the Special Spicy Chicken Dish 

Just for Chef Jacob Burton :) 

Step 1 

Step 1: 
1 cup of chicken stock - I used Jacob Burton's mirepoix recipe and can tell you this little container is going to be packed with flavour smile emoticon

Step 2 

Step 2 - The spice paste 

1 large chunk of fresh ginger
3 fresh cloves of garlic
2 fresh red chillies
2 spring onions
1 teaspoon of ground tummeric powder 
1 teaspoon of ground coriander powder
1 knob of butter
a drizzle of oil

This is then blended up, and then frozen into ice cubes then individually wrap in glad wrap and place in a ziplock bag in the freezer until needed. Five icecubes will be sufficient for one meal.

Step 3  

Step 3 Spice Paste defrosted with a clove of the garlic from the garlic confit included.

Step 4 

Step 4 The uniformed diced onion and the mint & basil herb from my garden.

Step 5 

Step 5 - Add the balance of the oil from the garlic confit and bring to heat, then add the spice paste and cook for a few minutes - enjoy the aromas, then add your uniformed diced onion and as an extra I chopped up a mint and basil herb which is growing in my garden, then add the chicken pieces, and stir brown no more than 2 minutes on either side infusing the spices into the skin and chicken meat, then, add Chef Jacob Burton's chicken stock, 1 cup, and a 400 ml of coconut milk, and stir in well. Then place in a preheated oven on 150 degrees celsisus and leave for approximately 60  minutes or until the chicken is cooked nicely through. I added a few green beans and spinach to be wilted into my mix - from my garden.    

Step 6 

Step 6 Add your garden spinach from your garden just to wilt.

Step 7 

Step 7 - Dinner is served with basmati rice and a hard boiled egg on the side.     


Part 4 of 4

Step 1 

Step 1 of 1 Garlic Confit Cloves the hero of the salad - lettuce and beetroot leaves from my garden, with the beautiful sweet tomatoes from my sister's garden.   

What an incredible journey this has been.  I have learned so much, and enjoyed the challenge immensley.  My brother who is visiting from the UK basically licked his plate clean.  We both loved the garlic confit.  

By way of note, you don't need to do it in the oven.  This whole chicken dish can be cooked in the frying pan on a very low simmer covered with baking paper or tinfoil.   It is up to you!  

The confit garlic was used completely not one drop or one clove was wasted.  That is what cooking is all about.   



Happy cooking! 


jacob burton's picture

@ RobynH ,

That was a pretty epic post. You're going to be hard to beat.

+300 Stella Stars.

RobynH's picture

Thank you Chef.    However I am sure you have other members in the community that can match or do better - so hence the challenge.  

But the amazing thing from my perspective, is that I have gained knowledge, had fun, and cooked an amazing dinner for my brother, who was visiting from the UK. So thank you very much.   

Kind regards,


Happy cooking! 


Chase919's picture

Wonderful post, and that all looks delicious. It's really awesome to see people cooking real food. It seems like whenever I go to the store everyone has loaded their carts with junk, and posts like this show how simple (I didn't say easy per se) cooking can be.

Also, garlic mayo is my favorite thing ever to dip Cajun fries in.

Keep it up, Robyn.

RobynH's picture

Hi Chase,

Thank you for your post.   

I must say, I was at the supermarket just the other day, and I saw this one lady, who had nothing but processed food in her trolley.    I could not think of anything more tasteless.   I am kind of like the shopper you don't want to be near - when you have exciting things in your trolley - oh - what are you going to do with that?   Is usually an inappropriate question that I will often ask when I see something being loaded onto the counter that I have not seen before.  Sometimes that "inappropriate" question can lead to a wonderful friendship and other times not.  *smiles* 



Happy cooking! 


RobynH's picture

Another batch of garlic confit is in the oven!   
This time as gifts for my siblings.   
Looking forward to them trying the intense goodness from this little number.   


Happy cooking!