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ACJ 029| Staple Herbs For Your Culinary Garden

In this episode I answer Thea's questions about my go to culinary herbs.

Here's Thea's question:

Hi Jacob,

I want to grow my own herbs for recipes and am going to get a biopod (kickstarter) to plant them in sometime in March. Is there a list of staple herbs you have on hand to use fresh in your recipes? If so,  what are they and where would I order them from. I am really enjoying your videos and podcasts.


SCAST 019| J. Kenji Lopez Alt - The Food Lab

Chef Jacob interviews Food Lab aurthor J. Kenji Lopez Alt on Stella Cast Episode 19.

In this episode of Stella Cast, we welcome J. Kenji Lopez Alt, managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats, and author of the wildly popular Food Lab Blog.

In September of 2015, Kenji released his book, The Food Lab - Better Home Cooking Through Science, which landed him on the New York Time's Best Sellers list.

Here are some things we discussed in this episode:

ACJ 028| Issues with 100% Whole Wheat Bread

In this podcast I help Pat trouble shoot some of the issues he's been having with his 100% whole wheat bread.

Here's Pat's Question:

Dear Jacob,

I watched your video on the bakers percentage after baking a few batches of whole wheat bread which roughly resembled edible bricks after baking.

I understand the math in the bakers percentage and that everything needs to be weighed not measured by volume. (There are very few recipes that use weight which I suppose should tell me something about the recipes).

ACJ 027| Demi Glace and the Three Modern Mother Sauces

In this podcast I discuss Demi Glace, Glace di Viande, and how it relates to the modern mother sauce, Reduction.

This question comes in via a comment from Jyoeru Zaberu on the YouTube page for my Three Modern Mother Sauce Lecture.

"Exceptional video! Thank you so much for your detailed (and even scientific) analysis of sauce making. My MAIN question for you is ratios. What is the ratio of bone/veg/water for a stock? For a demi-glace? Etc.

ACJ 025| Should Aspiring Chef's Go to Culinary School

Here is a question I get quite a bit, so I figured I'd answer it in an episode of ACJ for future anyone who needs to reference it in the future:

"Chef Jacob, my question is probably one you have heard before.  I am a home chef of over 30 years and I want to get to the next level in cooking, professional work.  I have the option of going to school or working my way up through a professional kitchen with a international hotel chain kitchen.