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In the future recommend a podcast on the science of brining. It's not easy to understand why if I cooking chicken breast and holding it hot in water drys the meat, but brining it in salt and water before cooking makes it juicy. Possibly a good food science video.
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Here's and existing link to the Science of Brining with a link to Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking as a reference.


Yes, I agree Harold McGee is very good. I just thought Jacob does such a great job breaking down the fundamentals it might be worth his time to tackle brining.
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@ Landon,

I've actually been working on a "Science of Brining" video for quite some time now. The actual reactions that make brining possible are so much more complicated then the general answer of osmosis. I'm working on a "Science of Salt" video right now which will lead into a brining video.

The food science videos are probably the most time consuming content that I produce (even more so then the audio lectures) so I have to keep coming back to them while producing other content so the site doesn't go "stale." The three part emulsification videos alone easily took about 70-80 hours to produce.

Thanks for the suggestion, glad you're enjoying the podcasts and welcome to the Stella Culinary Community!


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Oh...To Brine or Not to Brine....
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I had a question on the subtly of brining.  When  I marinate meat I'll put the protein in a zip top bag with what ever marinade and turn it from time to time and a few hours later I'm good to go.  I want to brine a whole chicken but don't really have fridge space for a pot big enough to hold a whole chicken.  Can I put the brining solution in a zip top bad with the chicken, seal it and get the same result even though the chicken isn't totally submerged or does the chicken need to be completely covered by the brine for it to work properly?

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You need complete submersion to brine a whole bird.  Try using a large enough cooler and ice water to keep it below 40F