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I'm as cranky as a cut snake about this bloody editor. See my face?  angry. I know, I know, it's probably me. But...........

I've set up my own dictionary, but the editor refuses to use it!  Doesn't it understand plain Strine?

Every time I save a post it decides that it prefers separating lines better than the intact lines that I use.

Don't get me started on images. I know that the procedure for doing this has been posted on the forum several times, but I just can't get it to work. Wait: I just had a thought so there's bound to be more about this later.

Can anyone help with the other worries?

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Jacobite, do you clear cookies frequently or have your browser setup to clear cookies on closing?

Here is the info for a custom dictionary:
Initially the User Dictionary is stored in a Cookie. However, Cookies are limited in size. When the User Dictionary grows to a point where it cannot be stored in a Cookie, then the dictionary may be stored on our server. To store your personal dictionary on our server you should specify a name for your dictionary. If you already have a stored dictionary, please type it's name and click the Restore button.

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Seems like you're in worse pain than me Chef. If it's acceptable to you, maybe we could give something back in the form of donations.

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jacob burton
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I feel your pain. This site has been giving me headache after headache lately, especially with the backend stuff, my spam filters and really anything to do with allowing the community members to post to the site. It just plain sucks.

Unfortunately, I have no budget to get it fixed and Drupal programmers don't come cheap. Sometimes I wish that I never left the WordPress platform. Hang in there, I'm doing what I can.

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Hi Chef Jacob,

I'm thinking of trying to make a more flavorful, more tangy starter. 

I'm thinking of using Bread flour, WW flour and some Rye flour... 50/25/25% - 100% hydration. 

Does that mix seem correct to you. I figured I would start it at room temperature and then after it gets active I would move it to the fridge to get more acidic acid in it. Am I on the right track? Is that too much Rye flour? 

Thanks for your input/help...






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Hi Chef Jacob,

If you would, please look over my shoulder and see if you can see any really big mistakes. Thanks!

I want to make a carbonated CO2 distilled water solution (3 volumes of dissolved CO2) with alcohol and salt for a AP flour and rice flour mix for a deep fry batter.

My theory is the carbonic acid, alcohol and salt will interfere with the spring action of the AP flour gluten and break the gluten into small stands. The dissolved CO2 will expand when the batter hits the oil for a light crust.

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Here is an interesting photo that I have interest in:

On the left is a 50:50 mix of canola oil and stove top clarified butter, like Chef Jacob mixes, which I really like. On the right is Glee which is what India likes makes.

The left mixture of oil on the left was used to check the oven temperature at 250 degrees F with a temperature transmitter.. The right is a picture of an oven safe kettle with the butter to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

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I have been amazed at how nice Mucho does his beef brisket and the bark on the meat.

I used to do that but changed processes but what changed, what am I doing different today? I bought an electric smoker for convenience. So what is the difference between wood in an electric and wood in a wood or charcoal smoker?

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I decided to try an overnight rise in a refridgerator, about 5C

Dough made up with the recipe I posted previously:

600gm strong flour,
390gm water,
10gm oil
10 gm salt
3 gm yeast

I covered the bowl with cling film and left it for about 10 hours.

The dough rose just less than double. It formed a skin, which may explain the limited rise. Perhaps I might try painting it with oil next time.

The texture was very sticky. I covered my hands with oil and divided it up into two separate lots.

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