From Chef Jacob - Posting to the Forum, PLUS New Podcasts Coming

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From Chef Jacob - Posting to the Forum, PLUS New Podcasts Coming

Hello SC Community, lurkers and spam bots!

Whew, it's been a long while, but it's time to get this website back in action.

I've been on hiatus for the last 18 months opening a large hotel project where I'm currently the executive chef in Downtown Reno, Nevada. The hotel has multiple food outlets, 7 different kitchens, a fully stocked bakery, and 14, (count them), 14 walk-in refrigerators. It is a non-smoking, non-gaming hotel that focuses on high quality food and beverage. It has taken every ounce of focus and energy I have to get this place up and running, hence my absence here.

BUT, now that my schedule has started to stabilize, it's time to revitalize the podcast and this forum!


If you're a lurker or a new community member, you do not have automatic access to post on the forum. The reason being is no matter what I do, no matter how much I pay a web developer, no matter what filters I put in place, this forum turns to absolute Spam-A-Geddon any time I allow basic registered users to post. I know, it's a total pain.

SO, if you want to post to the forum, register for a new user account and then e-mail me, using the contact form link at the top of every page on Stella Culinary. I'll give you access as soon as I get to it, and then you can post. If you're an SC Community Original and have posted on the forum before, there shouldn't be any issues. If there are, shoot me an email through the contact form and I'll get it straightened out.


2018 will be the year of the podcast. The whole reason I started publishing online is because I LOVED podcasting. In fact, little known fact about your's truly, I almost went into radio broadcasting before I went to culinary school.

The last 2 years of apartment living haven't been conducive to a home studio, but with our recent move into a house, I now have a great studio set up that will allow me create more informational podcasts, and also allow me to have guest hosts with me in the studio, or stream live.

And, one of the newest components I'm very excited about is ...


I've always wanted to do a live call in show, and was finally able to track down the equipment and technology needed to make it happen. For an example of this, check out my latest YouTube Live Brodcast found here:

Now remember, the live broadcast was me pretty much testing out the equipment and the live call in feature, so there is definitely some polishing that still needs to be done. What I'm planning on doing (and am always open to everyone's suggestions), is a weekly Stella Culinary School Podcast + a weekly call in show / industry interview show, all released in the same feed. One of the ideas I was throwing around is a new podcast episode would first be released via Live Stream on YouTube, and at the end of the podcast I would take live listener questions / comments that would then be published as a separate, companion episode to Apple Podcast, Stitcher, or other podcasting services.

ANYWHOO ... Sorry for the long post, but I'm excited to get back in touch with all the awesome SC Community members I've neglected for the past year and a half, get back on the mic, and keep on growing together as better cooks and chefs. Let's get this forum up and running again!

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Glad you're back. Looking forward to the podcasts.

I'm commuting more these days and really like listening to podcasts.

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jacob burton
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Awesome. Me too!

I assume you're using a phone to listen to your podcasts in your car. Is it Apple or Android, and if Android, what App do you use?

Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated!

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Welcome back, Jacob! Congratulations on the hotel, etc. Can't wait to see what you have planned.

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So glad that your back and that your Hotel venture is doing well enough that now you have more time to impart your wisdom on some of us....well you have for me at least...because you keep it plain enough for me a none chief who just likes cooking....and as others here also have add thier info...i think i may have learned a few things.

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Ulrich Verstraete
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Love to hear your voice again.

If you are searching for topic's; Pasta is very high on my list.
I also listen to the podcast in the car: android pith the app podcast addict.

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jacob burton
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Hey Ulrich, thanks so much for the suggestion. I was making raviolis for the restaurant just yesterday and thought to myself "I should definitely do a podcast on pasta."

I'll add it to my list. The podcast episode I'm currently working on will be all about pizza!

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