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Actors Read Yelp
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Very funny Zalbar!  :)

"People who love to eat are always the best people." -- Julia Child

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Hey everyone! I wil be attending this event called Culinary Pop up Series, and it sounds that its gonna be fantastic!

"Join us each Thursday evening in August for the pop-up culinary creations of some Baltimore’s best and brightest cooks. As always, admission is free, food and beer are pay-as-you-go. Its gonna be poppin!"

Im a big fan of cooking myself so Im pretty excited, Ill keep you posted! smiley

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I just bought a flat of tri-tip from Costco, who sell both the full Tri-tip, and a tri-tip that has been cut into "New York Strip" style steaks, which is what I bought. I was thinking that i should use the time / temperature that you have listed for skirt steak (56c & 4-8 hours). Do you think this is a viable assumption? These tri-tip "steaks" have marbling that I've not seen on Tri-tip before, which makes me think "less temp". So I'm kinda confused about things temperature that i should use with these "tri-tip steaks". Any suggestions?

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Any good information on methods and rationale of seasoning cooking pans?


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I was reading an article the other day about smoked meats and the smoke ring. 


I have always followed the idea of 140 degrees F is about as far as smoke can be applied to meat.

The 140 degree may apply to pork but not red muscle meat like beef and venison.

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Hi All,

I have notified Kenji of the error but most of you on this site cook by weight and not volume measurements.

This is what I sent Kenji:

"I would like to point out a serious typing error in your Directions on the Anova Site: 


The recipe seems sound but the Directions are wrong.

Step 2

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