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Hello From NC

Just a quick "hello" I'm so happy I found the podcast and this website a couple months ago it really helped me get my passion for cooking back. I spent 10 years as kitchen manager at my last job and it had me pretty burnt out and thinking I wanted to get out of the industry. Good news is I start a new Kitchen Manager job in 2 weeks I can't wait to see what the future holds at the new restaurant an Irish Pub which will be a nice change from the Coastal Maine Seafood restaurants I've been cooking in for the last 16 years. I'm excited to learn from everyone here and to find people with similar passion and interest in great food!


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jacob burton
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Hey Seth, welcome to Stella Culinary!

This industry can get the best of you sometimes, but it's always important to try and remember why you fell in love with cooking in the first place. A change of venue can do wonders, as well as networking with like minded people who are passionate about food and fight the same battles you do. You've come to the right place.

Good luck with the new gig and please keep us up to date.


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G'day Seth. Nice to hear from you.

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G'day Seth. Nice to meet you.

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Thanks guys very glad to be here!

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hey Seth, good to meet you. Hope to hear some fun stories soon!

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Wisconsin Limey

Sprockets was a great skit on SNL.  welcome!


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Thanks Zalbar this Industry sure is a breeding ground for crazy stories never a dull moment!
LOL Limey I had forgotten about that! One of my old food service reps started calling me that several years ago and it just kinda stuck!

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@Limey: Land shark.

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Hey is there a on line calculater for converting pounds in to grams, plus figuring the percentage of salts cure, sugar and ppm. The site i have been using is down, and not sure when it or if it will be back.

The site i used to use is diggingdogfarm.com.

I use it for my brines and making bacon cure.

I heard of some other sites which had something similar but I sure can't find them now.

Thanks kit

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The last four weeks, all but one of my loaves of "English-Muffin" Bread have turned out like this:

Prior to that, I hadn't had any trouble and I have not (knowingly) changed any ingredients, procedures or equipment. 

Why is this happening and how can I prevent it? Thanks. 

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When I was in Honduras and had made a side trip to Guatemala, I found a coffee jelly/jam that I eventually used for a new recipe I developed. Now that I'm back in the States, I can't get that jelly any more, so I have been looking into making some myself. 

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I've been developing a seeded multigrain sourdough loaf with considerable success, if I do say so myself.

I'm interested in putting this on a firm mathematical footing in terms of baker's percentage.

In addition to bread flour, whole wheat flour, and rye flour, I'm using pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, cracked wheat, and medium cornmeal.

So do I add grams of the "extras" as I calculate hydration? Perhaps I count the cornmeal and the cracked wheat but not the whole seeds?

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I'm happy with my sourdough rye, but my wife would perfer a less dense version, something more deli like.  She also, however, wants not to reduce the rye-ness.

I'm using 1 part Hodgson Mill whole grain rye flour to 2 parts major brand wheat bread flour..  It's at 65 percent hydration.

So what might I do assuming that I don't want to change the rye/wheat proportion?  I figure that proofing schedule, handling, or hydration could be variables worth looking at  But there's also oven temperature and how long the loaf's under cover that might have an effect.

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