Cutting chicken breast

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Cutting chicken breast

Please see video below. Jacob spoke highly of this guy, said he had a lot of knowledge. You see how he recommends cutting against the grain to produce more tender chicken(min1.25)

 Is that true, does the cutting technique make a difference. Does anybody favour a particular cutting technique for chicken breast?


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Chris Klindt
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Hi Amateur Cook,

Nice video you provided. Yes, cutting across the grain will produce a more tender cut of meat

Grain of a material goes back to grain in a wood board. The author should have said across the grain.

As an example, take a hand full of soda straws and tie them into a bundle. The long view of the bunch would be with the grain. The side view would be across the grain.

So, if the chopped the soda straws across the grain this would lead to a more tender meat without being stringy (easier to chew).

Back to soda straws. If you look at the end view of the bungle, you will notice the center of the straw is open. As you cook meat or dry wood, moisture is expelled from the open center of the wall. One will notice the the meat or board will change a lot in the width but very little in the length (the center of the soda straw is collapsing).


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