Thanks chef , I need help ...

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Thanks chef , I need help ...

Thanks chef for your answer about my inquiry . If i plan to make a starter with flour that has High gluten ( 14 % ) , only this flour in the starter , so i have to mix 500g flour and 500g of water . But i don't understand what you have said to me that i  may need to add a little more water (about 1-3% based on the baker's percentage)  , so 500g of water i will mix with 500g of flour , is there any more water or what ?
and also i have a small inquiry ...
Everytime i feed my sourdough starter , i have to remove half of my starter and feed the remainder with the same amount of flour and water removed ???
Also , the quantity that i removed everytime i feed my starter , i throw it in the bin ? or it is useful for something else ???

Finally , i want to say thanks for everything chef and sorry if my questions are strange or many or something else .

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Hey guys ...
CHEF , I need help .

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Ummm... I feel a sense of urgency here.
I don't quite know what your prior discussion was about starter ratios but I think what might have been meant is that 50-50 is a good starting point, but there really isn't a "required" formula.  It is a consistency based on feeling and you might need to add a bit more water (make a looser starter) to make it easier to work with.
Re: what to do with the excess when you feed... again, there are a couple of options.  Baking with the 50% you remove is one option, as is throwing it away.  Another option is to add the "feed" and just have more starter than you originally had.  The only negative abotu teh last option is that it takes more space to store.
Hope this helps. 

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All of the formulations used on this website assume that you're using high gluten bread flour. Both the starter video and the sourdough boule video are using high gluten bread flour (just like you have). Follow these instructions and you'll be good to go.
When feeding your starter to keep it fresh, unless you're baking with it that day, you will need to throw some in the trash. Check out the comments in the sourdough starter video for some more ideas on what you can do with the starter instead of throwing it away:

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