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To get the most from these videos, it is highly recommended you listen to the Stella Culinary School Podcast, which many of these videos are produced to supplement. If you have any questions while working your way through the Stella Culinary content, you can Ask Chef Jacob or post it to our friendly community forum.

How to Caramelize Onions in 10 Minutes or Less - A Rebuttal

Caramelized Onions in 10 Minutes or Less - A Rebuttal Video

This post was inspired by Tom Scocca who last Wednesday released an article on alleging a vast conspiracy among recipe writers. He claims that the "Recipe Writing Guild" is intentionally deceitful about how long it takes to caramelize onions and it wasn't long until the "Food-Arazzi" jumped on the link bait bandwagon.

I disagreed, and this is my rebuttal.

TCD 007| How To Garnish Food - A Quick Video Discussion

How to Garnish Food and Layout a Plate - Video

In this video we discuss how to garnish food and some concepts to take into consideration when planing a completed dish. This video was inspired by a question posted by a YouTube viewer regarding our "Composed Cauliflower Soup" video.

YouTube User nvj944 asks: "When doing this 'pour in presentation' what's the trick to the  garnishes? Are there some that work better than others. Also, the sliced cauliflower doesn't float right? So, you need to use a wide, shallow bowl otherwise the soup would cover up your beautiful presentation."

CT 006| Methods of Cooking and Technique: How to Choose?

Methods of Cooking: How to Choose - Video Lecture

The most important decision one can make in their kitchen is which methods of cooking to apply to any given product. It doesn't matter how expertly a cooking technique is executed, if it's the wrong technique for the end product, you'll never achieve a good result. For example, you would never braise a filet mignon or steam a beef short rib. Understanding how different cuts of meat or even vegetables react to heat and time will allow you to make an informed decision, choosing the best method of cooking to apply; an understanding which is the very foundation of the culinary arts.