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To get the most from these videos, it is highly recommended you listen to the Stella Culinary School Podcast, which many of these videos are produced to supplement. If you have any questions while working your way through the Stella Culinary content, you can Ask Chef Jacob or post it to our friendly community forum.

KP 016| How To Roast Beets

How to Peel and Roast Beets - Video Demonstration

Beets are one of my favorite food products to work with during fall and winter. They are extremely versatile, come in all different shapes and sizes, and have an earthiness that just screams “winter comfort food.” Although there are many different ways to prepare and serve beets, one of my favorites, and most classical methods, is roasting.

SNS 006| How to Make a Stabilized Beurre Blanc Using Xanthan Gum

How to Make a Stabilized Beurre Blanc Using Xanthan Gum - Video Technique

A traditional beurre blanc is a finicky sauce that can easily break, especially if it's not made to order and served immediately. This video will teach you how to stabalize a beurre blanc by using a blender and xanthan gum. This approach will allow you to make the beurre blanc in advance and hold it warm until you're ready to serve.

FS 001| What Is An Emulsion? A Cook's Guide.

The Science Behind Emulsion Sauces - A Cooks Guide

An emulsion is defined by combining two liquids that will maintain their distinct characteristics after being mixed. When talking about emulsions as applicable in a kitchen, the term emulsion refers to combining fat and water. Culinary emulsion can take two different forms; fat dispersed into water and water dispersed into fat. Common fat in water emulsifications include hollandaise, mayonnaise, aioli, milk, cream, and pan sauces. Water in fat emulsifications are most commonly found in the form of vinaigrettes and whole butter.