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To get the most from these videos, it is highly recommended you listen to the Stella Culinary School Podcast, which many of these videos are produced to supplement. If you have any questions while working your way through the Stella Culinary content, you can Ask Chef Jacob or post it to our friendly community forum.

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I will be hosting a live Culinary Q&A at 5pm PST. The broadcast will be streamed live in the above embedded video. If you would like to ask a question, either shoot it to me through e-mail,, with the subject "Live Q&A," or you can join the hangout and ask the question live via your webcam.

SNS 016| Classic Mayonnaise

How to Make a Classic Mayonnaise - Video

It may seem silly to ask "what is mayonnaise" since it's common place in most of our lives. People use mayonnaise on sandwiches, as a dressing for salads such as chicken, potato and macaroni, in cakes, and some even put it in their hair to use as a conditioner.  Yet some don't actually know that mayonnaise is simply made from emulsifying egg yolks with a neutral flavored oil like vegetable, canola or grape seed.

In this video, I demonstrate a classic mayonnaise recipe that uses egg yolks, canola oil, mustard powder, lemon juice, kosher salt and white pepper. The mayonnaise is made using a simple mixing bowl and whisk but if you have a good blender or food processor, I recommend you use that instead, unless you're trying to bulk up your fore-arms.



KP 031| Reconstructed Chicken Thigh Using Activa GS Slurry

Reconstructed Chicken Thigh Using Activa GS - Video Technique

In a previous video, I demonstrated how to bond two chicken breasts together using Activa RM. In this video I demonstrate how to bond two chicken leg and thigh portions together using an Activa GS slurry. This form of slurry allows for a tighter bond, making it ideal for large pieces of meat.

My preferred method of finishing is to cook the legs sous vide at 60C for four hours, which makes them extremely tender and juicy. After the fours, I'll ice bath to cool and then portion. For service, both sides of the leg and thigh are pan fried and then finished in the oven until the core temperature is warm.

KP 030| Reconstructed Chicken Breast Using Activa RM (Transglutaminase, Meat Glue)

Reconstructed Chicken Breast Using Activa RM (Transglutaminase) - Video

In this video I demonstrate how to bind together two boneless, skinless chicken breasts using the transglutaminase enzyme. The resulting piece of meat is cohesive, easy to portion and will cook more evenly then a traditional chicken breast.