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Welcome to Stella Culinary's How to Cook Video Index. To get started, select one of the video categories from above, or browse by most recent below.

To get the most from these videos, it is highly recommended you listen to the Stella Culinary School Podcast, which many of these videos are produced to supplement. If you have any questions while working your way through the Stella Culinary content, you can Ask Chef Jacob or post it to our friendly community forum.

KP 034| Clarifying Animal Fats for Cooking & Baking

This video demonstrates how to take fat from the stock making process and refine it for use in cooking and pastry.

Animal fats are all the craze, and rightfully so. They're a great way to add flavor to a dish, whether you're using them in high heat cooking applications such as searing and sauteing, or cutting them into your pastry doughs when making tarts or pie crusts for a pot pie.

A good place to harvest animal fat is from stock. During the stock making process, fat is skimmed off the top, and even more is removed the following day after the stock has a had a chance to cool in the fridge.

CT 028| Salt and Pepper Chicken Necks

A quick, easy, and delicious snack - roasted salt and pepper chicken necks.

When breaking down case after case of chicken for the restaurant, I love nothing more than saving the necks for a quick little scooby snack.

Simply toss the necks with oil, salt, and a generous amount of freshly cracked black pepper, and roast at 425°F/218°C for 20 minutes or until a dark golden brown.

Simple as that. You really don't even need to watch this video, but I thought I'd share it anyways.

These are also great if you dust in a little cornstarch and deep fry!

KP 033| How to Properly Dress a Salad

Learn how to properly dress a salad using oil and vinegar.

In this video I demonstrate how to simply dress a salad using oil and vinegar. As simple as this process is, I'm always surprised how many people don't fully grasp (and frequently use) this approach.

The truth is, once you master this technique, you can quickly create any number of delicious salads, especially if you stock your pantry with a few good oils and vinegars.

CT 027| Glazed Baby Root Vegetables

This video will teach you how to make and execute restaurant style glazed baby root vegetables.

Look up a classic recipe for glazed vegetables and it will resemble those demonstrated in my turmeric-glazed carrots video. In this classic approach, root vegetables are covered with water and wine, a knob of butter and a pinch of sugar are added to the pan, and the whole mixture is brought to a simmer. As the liquid simmers and reduces, the starches and sugars contained in the vegetables help to thicken the sauce and emulsify the butter.

CKS 046| How to Bone and Tie a Beef Short Rib for Braising

This video will teach you how to de-bone and tie a beef short rib for a tighter plate presentation.

In this video, I demonstrate how to de-bone and tie a beef short rib for braising. This is commonly seen in higher end restaurants and is done for presentation purposes only.

When serving a large short rib, it is sometimes difficult to have a tight, clean presentation, especially when a round plate is used. The short rib can often look awkward and unbalanced. Rolling and tying the short rib will allow for a tighter plate presentation.

When using this technique, make sure you still include the bones in the braising liquid.

KP 032| How to Make Candied Nuts

This video will teach you how to make candied nuts to use as a garnish for salads, pies, desserts, and more.

This video demonstrates one of many methods for candying nuts. Once candied, these nuts can be used as a garnish for desserts, salads, or any dish that would benefit from a salty-sweet crunch

The basic method used in this video is extremely simple; powdered sugar is thinned with liquid until it forms a light glaze, and then seasoned with salt, spices, and acid. Nuts are then tossed in this glaze and baked until a candy like shell is achieved.

SNS 023| Turkey and Stuffing Dumpling Soup

Turkey and Stuffing Dumpling Soup - Thanksgiving Day Leftovers

Chicken and dumplings has to be one of my all time favorite comfort foods. It's easy to make, delicious, and soul-satisfying. In this video, we play on this southern classic by utilizing our leftover Thanksgiving turkey, turning our flavorful stuffing into dumplings.

The Soup Base

For best results, start with a home made turkey stock (we have a separate video on this in our related section below).

CT 026| Turkey Pot Pie with Thanksgiving Day Leftovers

Thanksgiving Day Leftovers: How to Make Turkey Pot Pie

In this video we take our leftover turkey and gravy, and turn it into a delicious pot pie. This is a simple dish that will feed an army and quickly use up all of your Thanksgiving Day leftovers.

The Pie Crust

The crust for this pot pie is a simple 3-2-1 pie dough. This means 3 parts AP flour, 2 parts fat (in this case butter), and 1 part ice cold water.

CT 025| Spatchcocked Turkey - Better. Faster. Juicier.

How to Spatchcock Cook and Roast a Whole Turkey

In the Stella Culinary School Podcast episode 24, I walked you through the process of spatchcocking a whole turkey. Removing the back-bone, laying the turkey flat, and roasting, allows for more even cooking, juicier meat, and a faster cook time.

In fact, the fourteen pound turkey I spatchcocked in this video was done in 70 minutes! I've done a twenty-four pound turkey in two hours and fifteen minutes! No more waiting around all day for your turkey to cook, on a day where you constantly need more oven space.