best/favorite dish designed around another food concept??

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best/favorite dish designed around another food concept??

So, I just wanted to open a discussion about your experiences with food that was built around another foods concept.

heres what im dealing with. 

I'm thinking i may be able to put together some type of "Bloody Mary Chicken". 

I used this pre-seasoned bloody mary mix called Zing-Zang once to marinade some thighs and afterwards the ZZ reduced very well into a thick sauce. 

So now im thinking i could push it a little further and actually build a Bloody Mary chicken dish. 

at first glance we came up with something along these lines...

just shooting off the hip here...

-reduce the ZZ to thick sauce and roll into white rice. 

-saute chicken in vodka/vermouth and serve over rice.

-finish with olives and thinly sliced celery.

-serve with vodka.

bloody mary chicken. 


Please discuss experieces youve had with concepts like this?


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jacob burton
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When creating something new, I always try to play on a familiar concept to give people a reference point. You can create an amazing dish out of thin air, something that no one has ever seen before, but if they don't have a reference point, sometimes the creativity is simply lost because it's not understood.

A few dishes that come to mind that were successful because they had a reference point:

First, was a very simple strawberry sorbet intermezzo. Because sorbet is devoid of fat by definition, I felt we were missing some key contrasting components. I started playing around with drizzling different types of flavored oils over the top, and sprinkling with finishing salt.

One day, I drizzled toasted pecan oil over the top and finished with maldon sea salt. The big chunks of flakey salt gave it a great textural crunch and salty punch, and the toasted pecan oil gave the sensation as if I was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

So I started telling the servers "Hey, when you drop this intermezzo, I want you to say 'this is chef's play on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich' and then walk away." People would always look at the intermezzo oddly because it was clearly just a mini scoop of strawberry sorbet in a port glass, but when they started to eat it, their eyes would light up and it would turn into a conversation piece.

Years later, people still talk about that simple, 3 component intermezzo.

The second is my play on a duck Reuben; slightly corned duck breast, pan roasted, served on house made brown bread with warm fermented sauerkraut, sweet pickles, and Russian dressing, all made from scratch. People absolutely loved that dish, and was one of the few dishes where guests actually got mad at me when I took it off!

For your play on Bloody Marry Chicken, I would maybe cut the celery thin on a bias, pickle it in a sweet and sour pickling liquid, and then toss it with some halved cherry tomatoes with maybe just a hint of horseradish and serve that as a garnish on top of the chicken.

For your reduction, it's so unique, I think it may get lost in the rice, even though it sounds like you're going for a bit of a play on dirty rice which I think is awesome. Another avenue you can take is just add some homemade chicken stock to the marinade reduction, reduce, mount with some butter, and then drizzle around the plate.

... Just throwin' out ideas. Let us know how it turns out!

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Hey man thats a killer tip on the garnish. Thanks. 

I'm gonna try it in a few days. i'll def drop pics. (if i can actually work it out) lol


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Hi joeymccraw33,
Not too sure about the boozy plate - but that sauce looks lovely.   For me, I would have to buy all the booze - so it becomes uneconomical.    

Loved Chef Jacob's ideas.   I am not having any luck at adding pictures into my posts - I am obviously doing something very wrong.  So Must try again when I have some time to kill.

But for now, off to clean out the kitchen.  




Happy cooking! 


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so here it is....


im pretty pleased with it. 

i just rolled skinless/boneless thighs with salt and heavy pepper, tossed them in the cast iron and dropped them in the oven. simple, basic.

served over steamed white rice. again, simple, basic.

made the zing-zang reduction, reinforced with chicken stock and reduced again. finished with kalamata olives and butter. 

Chef JB recommended the garnish (thanks for the pointer boss):

pickled celery & halved cherry tomatoes tossed in horseradish. i added carmelized onion also and thick bacon crumbles.

So this is really the first dish ive ever "invented" if you can call it that. I've never like, conceptualized an idea and then designed a dish and cooked/served it. so this is super cool for me and im pretty effin proud. lol  

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction with the sauce and garnish Chef. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

it Turned out super good. 

notes:  instead of caramelizing the onion next time i think i wanna just cut fresh green onions on a long bias to toss with the pickled celery, cherry tomatoes and horseradish.

Also think i sweetened my pickling liquid a little too much. the sauce isnt "heavy" but it is RICH and i needed that vinegar to be just a little hotter to help cut through. also think the fresh green onion addition will help here as well. 

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