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SCAST 014| Hank Shaw - Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook

Hank Shaw - Buck, Buck, Moose,, Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook

I'm happy to welcome my good friend Hank Shaw to Stella Cast.

Hank is the James Beard Award winning author of the popular blog Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook. He just successfully funded his third and latest book through Kickstarter, Buck, Buck, Moose. It can currently be pre-ordered on

Hank will be hosting a pop-up dinner in Sacramento this coming February. To be notified when tickets become available, sign up for his newsletter at


SCS 026| Thanksgiving Day Q&A

SCS 026| Thanksgiving Day Q&A

Our epic Thanksgiving series ends with answering community questions on sous vide turkey, turkey roulade, gravy, Brussels sprouts, and much more. In the culinary quick, I talk about how to turn your Thanksgiving Day leftovers into a delicious and easy pot pie, or a turkey and dumpling soup using leftover stuffing.

If you'd like to ask a follow up question, you can do it here, in our official Thanksgiving Day discussion thread.

SCS 024| Let's Talk Turkey!

Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 24| Let's Talk Turkey!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and in this episode, we talk turkey!

Discussion Segment

In the discussion segment I explain why you sould never stuff your turkey or roast it whole. Yes, I know, sacrilidge right? But as cooks, it's our job to cook and serve the best product possible by applying the appropriate technique and execution. The truth of the matter is, the various parts of a turkey should be treated as the sperate cuts they are, and you will never produce the best turkey possible when roasting the turkey whole.