Stop pulling your hair out, we've all been there. Sourdough Bread is an art and science that takes technique, know-how and lots of failure to master. Post your problems, share your ideas and give out recipes that have worked for you.

Protease and delayed fermentation


Hey everybody,

Hope y'all are doing great! I've been working hard at trying to find a fine balance of delayed fermentation without losing too much gluten structure. Something I learned about not long ago was protease. Which was affecting the gluten network of my bread due to possible over-fermentation. Do I want a very open holed crumb, or do I want a more closed holed crumb. So I came to came to the conclusion...I want both!! HAHA!!

Sourdough is life! Life is sourdough!


Hey Jacob!

Hope you are doing well!!

Congrats on your new journey through life!! I love your new website, and what you are doing with Stella Culinary. Seems very exciting for you!

Things have been awesome with me. Slowly starting up my microbakery out of my house. I have some friends and neighbors on board. In fact I will be dropping off some bread to them tonight. Just baked a batch of Country Rye with Molasis. I will post pictures and recipe.


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