Stop pulling your hair out, we've all been there. Sourdough Bread is an art and science that takes technique, know-how and lots of failure to master. Post your problems, share your ideas and give out recipes that have worked for you.

Oven rise and timing of folds.


I was wondering if the timing of folds during bulk fermentation might affect oven spring. I made Ken Forkish's Walnut Levain Bread today and I was a bit disappointed that my loaves didn't get the usual oven spring that I have been getting with most of Forkish's recipes. I had to rush the folding so instead of having 20 to 30 minutes between the first fold and the second one, there was only about 10 minutes. The next fold was about 20 minutes later. The crust was awesome as usual and the crumb nice and springy with a much airier texture than I expected. 

Considering Bulk fermentation


Hey Jacob, and everybody!

Hope you are all doing well.

Would any of you consider your stretch and folds over a 2 hour period, one stretch and fold every 20 minutes, to be part of your bulk fermentaion?

I'm thinking yes. Due to the length of time between stretch and folds over a long period of time, and your not really degassing the dough that much.





Protease and delayed fermentation


Hey everybody,

Hope y'all are doing great! I've been working hard at trying to find a fine balance of delayed fermentation without losing too much gluten structure. Something I learned about not long ago was protease. Which was affecting the gluten network of my bread due to possible over-fermentation. Do I want a very open holed crumb, or do I want a more closed holed crumb. So I came to came to the conclusion...I want both!! HAHA!!


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