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SCS 22| Let's Bake Some Sourdough

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It is done. Our epic Stella Culinary bread series is now in the history books. What better way to finish than an awesome lesson on sourdough bread baking.

In the Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 21, you learned how to create preferments and sourdough starters. In this episode, we dive into the sourdough bread making process.

Discussion Segment

In this episode's discussion segment, we get super geeky and discuss how you can control the flavor of your starter based upon what you feed it, and the environment in which it's stored. For the uber geek who wants to take their knowledge even further, I would highly recommend the following article:

Technique Segment

In the technique segment, I take you through the process of making a basic loaf of sourdough bread, as demonstrated in this video.

You will learn:

  • Various strategies for waking up and feeding your starter.

  • How extended autolyse can give you a better finished product.

  • My approach to feeding my starter and baking the daily bread served at Stella.

  • How I control the sourness and flavor balance of my sourdough bread.

Pre-Requisites - Please Don't Skip

This episode covers many advanced level concepts which can only be fully comprehended with a firm foundation in bread baking. Fear not, because if you've just stumbled across this page, the following podcasts episodes will get you up to speed in no time.

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Did you know Stella Culinary has the best forum on the internet? We may not be the biggest, but we're definitely the friendliest...and the smartest. In fact, it's been scientifically proven that you can raise your IQ by 32.3 points on average, just by reading through three comments on the Stella Culinary Forum.

(and by scientifically proven, I mean completely made up)

Here are some forum threads discussing common questions and issues that arise during the sourdough bread baking process:

Bonus Video - How to Convert ANY Bread Recipe To Sourdough

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