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An Introduction to Flavor Structure - Something Every Cook Should Understand

Click Here To Watch Part Two: The Secrets of Salt Explained

Hey there ... real quick before you hit play ...

The video above was shot live at last year's culinary boot camp; it is the first minute of the first day, and I'm introducing the principals of flavor.

I thought y'all would enjoy this video since the response to the Flavor section of the F-STEP curriculum has been overwhelming. The day I sent The Secrets of Flavor Structure e-mail out, I had 300+ responses in my in box before I even got to work.

Two weeks later and I'm still getting replies from community members telling me how their new-found understanding of flavor structure is already enhancing the food they cook on a day to day basis. And please, keep those e-mails coming.

Another reason you'll like this video is it lets you in on a little bit of my history; why I went to culinary school, why I've always advocated for techniques over recipes, and how this led to the creation of the F-STEP curriculum. In this video I briefly introduce the "F-STEP Equation," and how this can be leveraged to make any dish you could ever dream up.

Please pay special attention to the F-STEP formula (Flavor + Technique) X Execution = ?, and what it's implications truly are.


Here's another bonus video for you ...

The Secrets of Salt Explained

Click here to watch the secrets of salt!

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