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How to Make Yeasted Brioche Doughnuts - Video Recipe

Scalable Brioche Doughnut Recipe

Screw Superman and his dumb disguise, if you want to be a Sunday morning superhero, look no further. Scratch made, freshly fried brioche doughnuts dusted with cinnamon sugar, glazed with maple, or coated with chocolate ganache and sprinkles ... now that's the stuff of legends.

The best part is, the dough for these doughnuts comes from our same master formulation that can be used to make a classic loaf of brioche bread, hamburger buns, dinner rolls, or brioche bites for you next cocktail party.

What I enjoy most about these doughnuts is they don't disintegrate in your mouth; they are at once tender and chewy, light & airy, yet sturdy enough to stand up to glazes and toppings without collapsing and becoming dense.

For instructions on how to mix this dough, watch our Hamburger Brioche Bun Video. If you want to mix and knead this dough by hand, watch this technique video which demonstrates frisage and slap-and-fold.

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