Hello from SD/AZ/whereever I happen to be

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Hello from SD/AZ/whereever I happen to be
I have been listening to Stella Culinary/Free Culinary School podcast for quite a while now.  I am really enjoying all the videos being produced currently.  I haven't posted in the forum much so I might as well introduce myself.  I am a mechanical engineering student at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  I am currently in AZ doing an internship for this semester and summer.  I didn't start cooking until I started college.  I reallized that I wanted to eat good food but I didn't want to go to resturants all the time so I decided to learn how to cook.  I quickly became very passionate about cooking and I really like experimenting and trying new things.  My "go to" tecniques are sauce making, braising and deep frying. 
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Hey DK, welcome to the forum. What's your favorite thing to braise? What about sauce?

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Welcome to the forums.

Being a saucier is a highly specialized job.  But fun!  Do share...