Lean Doughs

Lean doughs, which are made with little or no fat, comprise the world of bagels, baguettes and many other forms of non-rich breads. These breads are made using commercial yeast (instant dry, active dry or baker's yeast) and included techniques such as pre-ferments and "spiking." If you're using a natural starter, please post on the Sourdough Board.

Seeking consistent bread results.


I live in UK.

Have developed a recipe, over a number of years, based upon one found in a book by James Martin.

600g white Bread flour. (about 14% protein)
400ml water, about room temp.
10g bran
10g rape seed oil
10g salt
10g easy bake yeast.

Mix and kneed in 1500W electric mixer with dough hook, slow speed gradually increased to med. Continue until the dough passes the window test.

Initial rise about 30 mins. Divide into 12 rounds. Rise again for a couple of hours. Bake at 220C 17 mins.


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