KP 031| Reconstructed Chicken Thigh Using Activa GS Slurry

In a previous video, I demonstrated how to bond two chicken breasts together using Activa RM. In this video I demonstrate how to bond two chicken leg and thigh portions together using an Activa GS slurry. This form of slurry allows for a tighter bond, making it ideal for large pieces of meat.

My preferred method of finishing is to cook the legs sous vide at 60C for four hours, which makes them extremely tender and juicy. After the fours, I'll ice bath to cool and then portion. For service, both sides of the leg and thigh are pan fried and then finished in the oven until the core temperature is warm.

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strikingtwice's picture

Ha! Chicken short rib, that's exactly what he called it! It is very similar to that texture though. May try this some day.

Chef316's picture

can just imagine this seared on both sides...nice crispy golden brown skin...with a reduction sauce with roasted grape tomatoes, wild mushrooms, artichoke hearts and a fresh herbs in the sauce....not sure of the starch I would put with it though.....maybe grits?....wild rice pilaf?...hmmmm

darcy dietz's picture

Celery root puree with a tiny drizz of white truffle oil. Grilled lemon halves. Or a couple quarters of preserved lemon. Drool. Oven roasted or bbq grilled carrots (quick blanch first). Tequila honey glaze. That, with Chef316's double seared thigh short-ribs.  MMMMMMM. Service Please!