KP 014| Kitchen Terminology Part 1| Hotel Pans and Service Pans

In this video we go over basic pan terminology used in a professional kitchen including the definitions of a hotel pan, third pan, ninth pan, sixth pan, and more. These are important terms to learn if you plan on working in a professional kitchen.

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thanks for posting this.  i always wondered about the uses of these things. very useful stuff. 

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This video is an excellent tutorial that demystifies the variety of hotel pans.  Thanks!

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I truly loved this kind of post, if I have your permission should i duplicate this post to my personal blog and share it with other people too.

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Welcome to Stella Culinary, glad you enjoyed this video. If you want to post it on you blog, you can go to my YouTube channel and get the embed code. Just be sure to link back to us, and tell all your readers what an awesome, friendly resource we are. ;-)


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