KP 029| How to Stuff and Cook a Frenched Chicken Leg

In a previous video, I demonstrated how to remove the thigh bone of a chicken hindquarter and while "Frenching" down the leg bone, which results in a semi boneless leg that you can then stuff. In this video, we'll go through a simple stuffing process and I'll demonstrate two different ways to actually cook the finished product.

Frenched and Stuffed Chicken Leg

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skflyfish's picture

This looks really tasty!


How does this compare, taste wise, to your world famous braised thighs?



jacob burton's picture

It's different then the thighs but I'd dare say better, albeit much more labor intensive.

mexicilliano's picture

Would this be comparable to preparing frenched frog legs?  You have a video on how to french them, but I would like to see your "Stella Cullinary basic" stuffing + preparation.  It's always nice to have a starting point when working with something new, ya know?

jacob burton's picture

The process would be vary similar. Usually you'll start by making a mousse (I've used scallops before) and pipe it into the hollow frog leg. The whole thing is then breaded and fried.


I'll eventually shoot a frog leg dish, but probably not for a while. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions on how to approach it and I'll do my best to help.