KP 025| How to Roast and Peel Bell Peppers

A quick video that will demonstrate how to roast and peel a bell pepper.

Technique at a Glance

  1. Roast bell peppers over an open flame or hot grill until the skin is charred black. Do not rush this process; the biggest mistake that most people make when roasting bell peppers before peeling is under roasting. A propane or MAP gas torch will also work.
  2. Remove charred peppers from flame, place in an appropriate sized container, cover with plastic wrap and allow to steam for 10 minutes.
  3. After steaming period, remove charred skin by rubbing the exterior of the bell pepper with a lint free towel.
  4. Seed and julienne.

Roasted and peeled bell peppers are great on pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, mixed into pasta dishes and served on antipasto platters.

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There are 2 Comments

AKRefugee's picture

Is there a reason for not cleaning the pepper the way you show in the Knife Skills video?

jacob burton's picture

Yes, they're two separate techniques. One is for seeding and prepping a whole-raw bell pepper while the other is for roasting to achieve a smoky flavor.