KP 026| How to Qucikly Caramelize Onions

In a previous rebuttal video to a article, we went over how to caramelize onions in 10 minutes. This shortened version of the video was uploaded so you don't have to sit through my 14 minute rant every time you'd like to review this technique.

For the original 14 minute rebuttal video, see below.

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This does not rebut the points made by Slate for several reasons! 1. You are cooking one onion whereas a French Onion Soup recipe, for example, uses 2 to 3 POUNDS of onions. 2. You have a very specific sequence of techniques, such as the putting the lid on to capture the steam. 3. You are fussing and monitoring the process the entire time. The very valid point made in the Slate article is that recipes typically just say "caramelize the onions - it will take about 5 to 10 minutes" and they do not provide ANY specific steps on how to make that process happen in that amount of time. Also, your onion doesn't look very good and is turning black in the first few minutes. Nice try, but think I'll stick with the long slow cook.