How To Butcher A Chicken | Video Technique

This video will teach you how to butcher a whole chicken into a six part and eight part breakdown.

This post is part of our ongoing Culinary Knife Skills Video Series, which teaches you a wide array of knife skills used in professional kitchens. For more information, you can also view our How To Cook Video Index.


I was taught in school how to do it differently, but I find this way to be more effective. Thanks for a very helpful video.wink
Adam C Rogers
 I'm a novice to butchery, do you recommend the utility knife for breaking down most meats? Are there meats you'd definitely NOT use the utility knife for?

Thanks Chef--I appreciate this program a great deal.
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Hi Adam,

For most meats I us a utility knife...that's really all you need. When breaking down something like a whole pig, you'll need more tools, but for the most part, when fabricating fish, poultry or smaller cuts of meat, I use my utility knife.

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