CKS 027| How To Break Down A Whole Chicken - Butchery


This video will teach you how to butcher a whole chicken into a six part and eight part breakdown.

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There are 5 Comments

Erica_thekettle_Lindsey's picture

I was taught in school how to do it differently, but I find this way to be more effective. Thanks for a very helpful video.wink

Adam C Rogers's picture

 I'm a novice to butchery, do you recommend the utility knife for breaking down most meats? Are there meats you'd definitely NOT use the utility knife for?

Thanks Chef--I appreciate this program a great deal.

jacob burton's picture

Hi Adam,

For most meats I us a utility knife...that's really all you need. When breaking down something like a whole pig, you'll need more tools, but for the most part, when fabricating fish, poultry or smaller cuts of meat, I use my utility knife.


Cheryl F.'s picture

I'm a culinary student and we haven't gotten to the breaking down of a chicken yet, but I wanted to get a jump start. Thanks for this video, I'm going to be watching it a lot!

jacob burton's picture

Thanks. As a culinary school student, I would recommend that you listen to all of our audio podcasts and then work your way through the knife skills and kitchen prep videos. Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

Good luck in school.