Ginger Glazed Carrots with Tumeric and Fresh Thyme

In this video, I demonstrate the technique of covered saute and glazing that can be universally applied to most produce, especially root vegetables such as carrots, onions, parsnips and radishes. To demonstrate the glazing technique, we take a trip down "Classic Flavor Lane," using minced ginger, carrots and turmeric as our main flavor profiles.

The whole concept behind glazing is fairly simple; extract the vegetable's natural juices and sugars into the pan using steam (covered sauteing), add some secondary ingredients, and when the vegetables have cooked to your preferred texture, uncover the pan and reduce the juices until the glaze is formed.

The addition of butter at the beginning of the process helps to enrich the overall flavor of the dish, but will also emulsify into the glaze as it continues to reduce and thicken. If the glaze becomes too thick before the vegetables are cooked all the way through, simply add a little more liquid (in the video I use water), cover with a lid, and continue to reduce until the vegetables have reached your preferred texture.

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