CT 009| Fried Polenta Caprese

In a previous video, we went over how to make a basic version of creamy polenta. In this video, we take the leftover creamy polenta, let it set in a mold overnight, slice and pan fry. The fried polenta cake is then topped with a simple caprese that makes a great summer dish that's perfect for a quick lunch on a sunny patio.

Fried polenta is extremely versatile, and although we topped it with a simple caprese in this video, here are some additional serving ideas:

  • Top with your favorite tomato sauce, cheese of your choice and some fresh chopped herbs.
  • A simple drizzle of olive oil with a sprinkle of sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper and basil.
  • Top with tamato-corn salsa and serve as a side dish at your summer get together.

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There are 5 Comments

Nina's picture

  I love this presentation!  Also, I didn't know about the batons, but man, what a oily kitchen clean up that would be (an outdoor project).  Also, I haven't thought to use a loaf pan.  Thanks Jacob.


"People who love to eat are always the best people." -- Julia Child

RenoC's picture

I had a question on frying polenta, as today's attempt did not go well.  I made the polenta as the video directed, but I neglected to watch it again and missed the amount of butter, cream, and cheese to add at the end.  I had 2 cups of chicken stock to 1/2 cup of corn meal.  At the end, I added about 4 Tbl of butter and about 1/8 cup of cream, with a small handful of of parmesan cheese.  The texture and flavors was great, and I put it in the loaf pan overnight.  When it came time to fry, I noticed the molded polenta felt pretty gelatinous.  When I put it in the pan to fry, the polenta slab completely fell apart after a few minutes and turned back into that creamy polenta.  I'm suspecting that I either added too much butter and cream, too little cheese, or perhaps both.  Any input is appreciated.  I'm definitely planning to try it again because it just looks too good to give up on it.

jacob burton's picture

If you add more cheese it will bind the polenta more tightly. Also, you can serve the creamy polenta, and while you're eating it, leave the rest of the polenta on the stove, over low heat, to evaporate out more of the moisture.


Between more cheese and a little more evaporation, it should work out for you better next time.

Damaris's picture

Hi Chef.
Can I baked the polenta instead frying?
Which herbs can I use if any for the preparation; thinking I will baked it and want to served whith meet. Thank you.

jacob burton's picture

Yes, you can bake it, but it won't have the same crispy texture. Herbs can be incorporated directly into the polenta during the cooking stage, or as a fresh garnish on the plate.