SNS 010| How to Make Classic Mornay (Cheese Sauce)

This video will teach you how to make a classic mornay (cheese) sauce which is a secondary sauce (derivative) of bechamel, a French Mother Sauce.

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There are 3 Comments

skflyfish's picture

Thx Chef.

My introduction to kohlrabi was a kohlrabi au gratin made with an artisan herbed gouda cheese. It was marvelous. I have tried to duplicate it and they have been good but never as good. 

Now I think I know how. ;-)

Thx again.

jacob burton's picture

Thanks FlyFish, glad you enjoyed the video. Take some pictures if you decide to take a crack at that gratin; sounds yummy.

janakvora's picture

I would like to have printed version of recipe before I cook.  I can not find some of the sauces in the printed version.  Am I missing something?