How to Use Stella Culinary

On this page you will find video tutorials explaining how to use the various features of including how to register for a free username, how to edit your profile avatar and signature, and how to post a picture to the forum.

How to Register For a Free Username and Password

Registering for a Stella Culinary username is quick and easy. Here are some things to keep in mind while you're registering:

  • Choose an appropriate username that's easy to read, pronounce and remember.

  • Make sure to click the confirmation link to finish the website registration process.

  • You can sign in with your username or e-mail address (neither are case sensitive).

How to Add an Avatar and Signature to Your Profile

In this video I demonstrate how to add an avatar (profile image) to your Stella Culinary user account, and how to edit your signature. Here are a few key points to remember, as discussed in this video:

  • Profile image must be no bigger than 85X85 pixels, and the file size can not exceed 30kB.

  • Please do not place links in your profile signature until you've become an active, contributing member of the Stella Culinary Community.

Adding Additional (Optional) Information to Your Profile

Enhance your profile by adding optional information about your location, website link, etc.

How to Post to the Stella Culinary Forum

Please remember that new users who post a link in the Stella Culinary forum or comment section will be blocked by our spam filters. Once you've made a couple quality posts, this ban will be lifted and you'll be able to post helpful links to articles, recipes, techniques, etc.

How to Add a Picture and Format Your Post

Learn how to add a photo and stylize your forum posts with our feature rich, text editor.

Edit: SCS Community member Marco099 created a step-by-step post specifically for using flicker.

How to Send a Private Message

Learn how to send a PM (Private Message) to other Stella Culinary users.

What Are Stella Stars?

Find out what the heck Stella Stars are and why they matter.