Lousy salad dressings

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Lousy salad dressings

So, I've pretty much stopped buying salad dressing at the stores. However, I'm REALLY lukewarm on some of the things that I've been doing. I make this one killer balsamic vinaigrette. I've also had some (what I think) are great ideas, and I am just either poorly executing them or missing something. The two that I was particularly disappointed with (I had high hopes) were my cherry red wine vinaigrette and raspberry vinaigrette. I put a little bit of shallot in them, red wine vinegar, safflower oil (since it's neutral), and honey to sweeten it. I also added some greek yogurt to make it a little creamy (i really like it better than mayo for dressings in almost every case). I feel like my main gripe is that the taste of the fruit almost seemed to completely disappear. The raspberry red wine that I have right now in the fridge is actually too bland. I did put a little too much shallot, but is there any reason why the raspberry flavor would just disappear? Should i have roasted the fruits and shallots before putting them in? 


Any suggestions would be very welcome, i'm really on a quest for killer dressings. I have the savory ones a little better handled, but the fruity ones I'm having a hell of a time with. Thanks.





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Try using a little bit of Xanthan Gum with an immersion blender to create a dressing that will hold together.


When the oil and water mix and stay mixed, the flavors will have a chance to blend more effectively.


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 I make all sorts of vinaigrette dressings and using just a l/2 teaspoon or so of mustard and whisking or shaking it together will create an emulsion.  At a molecular level mustard can actually slip in between oil molecules