KP 020| Oil Poached and Pressed Fingerling Potatoes

This video demonstrates the prep process for making oil poached and pressed potatoes. Fingerling potatoes are first slowly poached in flavored oil until tender, slightly cooled and then pressed with the skin still on. These potatoes can then be fried in olive oil or clarified butter until the exterior is crispy, finished with fresh herbs and sea salt and served as is or as an accompaniment to a meat course.

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douglasnelson's picture

That's a lot of flavored oil.  Can you reuse it?  If so, would you add more aromatics, etc?

jacob burton's picture

Yes, you can re-use it. The first couple of times, I'll add more aromatics, but after awhile I'll leave the oil alone, or it will get too strong.

douglasnelson's picture