KP 019| How to Properly Clean A Kitchen Work Surface

Here's a quick video that will teach you how to properly clean a kitchen work surface. No, it's not the sexiest food video I've ever released, but if you ever wanted to work in a professional kitchen, this is the technique they would want you to use. Not to mention, this will make your kitchen clean-up at home much more efficient.

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test's picture

Not really related to the topic at hand, but.... what's simmering on the burner in the pan?

jacob burton's picture

Veal stocks with aromatics. I was getting ready to make a foie torchon.

Nina's picture

This is great information for the kitchen newbie.  If I may make a suggestion, it might help the new professional to learn how to properly wash their hands.  Having a medical background has made me hyper aware of how many people don't know good washing technique.

"People who love to eat are always the best people." -- Julia Child

jacob burton's picture

That's a great suggestion Nina. In fact, I eventually plan on doing a few videos on food safety and handling. What could be more elemental to food safety then proper hand washing?

2bemoore43's picture

Hi Chef
Can a rosemary infused vinegar be used to sanitize the work surface? I'm trying to limit the contact between chemicals & food stuffs.

jacob burton's picture

Do you have a specific reason why you don't want to use a standard sanitizer like bleach? If you're working in a professional kitchen, the health department will want to see a standardized sanitation solution that has been proven to kill bacteria.

Although rosemary is anti-microbial and a low PH has the ability to kill bacteria, it won't be nearly as effective as a standard sanitation solution like bleach.

If you absolutely do not want to use chemical cleaners (an ambiguous term since technically everything is made of chemicals), then I would look into ozone cleaners or oxygen tabs which can be found at local brew shops.

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