KP 008| How To Prep And Blanch Salsify

I first fell in love with salsify when working at a French Restaurant in San Francisco. The edible root portion most commonly served in restaurants, looks like a dirty tree branch but when properly prepared, has an extremely unique flavor and texture that closely resembles a cross between parsnip and potato. A member of the sunflower family, salsify is a tuber that can be used just like any other common root vegetable.

How to Prepare Salsify - Step One

To prep salsify, use a flat peeler, removing the "bark like" outer coating. You will be using the same technique as discussed in our video on How To Peel A Carrot, using rapid fluid movements running the peeler down the length of the salsify while rotating it a few degrees with each new pass.

How to Prepare Salsify - Step Two

From here, I like to cut the salsify into manageable chunks, but in all honesty, you can leave it whole if it better suites your purpose. Place the peeled salsify in cold water that is slightly acidulated with lemon juice to prevent oxidation.

How to Prepare Salsify - Step Three

Salt the water just as you would when blanching any other root vegetable, (the water should taste slightly less salty then sea water), and bring to a boil over high heat. Once the water boils, place the entire pot into a clean sink, run cold water into the pot for about 2-3 minutes, and then fill with an ice bath.

How to Prepare Salsify - Step Four

This salsify is now ready to be sautéd, roasted, grilled, etc., and goes great with just about any type of protein, especially beef and lamb.

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There are 2 Comments

pm_odonnell's picture

Salsify out of season?

Hey Jacob I had a question on the Salsify. My friend was coming over today to help me shoot and we had to call it off last min because I couldn't find any Salsify. I tried looking for it at sprouts (I guess it used to be Henry's Market in Souther California) and I called Whole Foods and they didn't carry it either. In your video you say it goes to Mid June so is this an old video or is there someplace I can find it. I was also curious on where to find Heirloom carrots since neither store carried those as well.

As far as the challenge goes I would love to try to do it. It seems like a lot of fun...well the cooking part does. I've never shot or edited anything so we'll see how that turns out. smiley If I can't get those 2 products and substitute the Heirloom carrots for baby carrots and do potatoes or parsnips instead of the Salsify would that work or do you have a better veg to use for the confines of the challenge? Talk with you later.


jacob burton's picture

@ PM,

Salsify should be easier to get in a few months. The supply is much more steady in the winter when a vast majority of the salsify is harvested. Substitute fingerling potatoes and/or parsnips for the salsify and baby carrots for the heirloom baby carrots.

Good luck.