CKS 044| How to Break Down a Whole Turkey

Roasting a turkey whole is difficult because the breast and legs cook at different rates. This video will show you how to break down a whole turkey into it's individual parts. Once broken down, you can pan roast the breast, turn the leg into a roulade, and make a roasted turkey stock.

For an in-depth discussion on cooking turkey for Thanksgiving, please listen to SCS 024| Let's Talk Turkey.

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esavitzky's picture

Awesome set of videos Chef!  I now have my plan for Thanksgiving.

Please note that the video link for Deboning the Leg and Thigh points to the Roulade video.  I did find the correct link by searching but just wanted to let you know.

Have a great Thanksgiving.



jacob burton's picture

Hey Elliot,

Thanks for the heads up on the link. I guess that's what happens when you pull an all-nighter!

Glad you enjoyed the video series. I just got down recording part two of the Thanksgiving podcast, and should be posting later tonight or tomorrow.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving.

By the way, do you plan on cooking your turkey sous vide?

esavitzky's picture

After listening to the podcast I was planning on going sous vide but then realized I am flying fro Boston to LA to have Thanksgiving with my boys so I don't my Anova will fit in my luggage. I am going with the pan roasting of the breast and thigh roulade. Can't wait.