CKS 031| How To Break Down (Butcher) a Whole Duck

This video will teach you how to break down a whole duck into it's individual parts.

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erik.enge's picture


I notice you are wearing gloves and using a different cutting board in this video compared to when you were butchering the whole chicken.  Can you explain why?

jacob burton's picture

@ Erik,

It's simple really. It was a different day so I was using a different cutting board. When butchering large quantities of meat or fish I like to wear gloves because after a while my hands start to feel "meaty." I had about 18 ducks to butcher that day so I was wearing gloves.

CookingFool101's picture

hi, iam new to "duck" i have a quick question for you guys. iam sure you know.jAfter watching your video on butchering duck it looks easy. and i think i can do ityes . however, i have another question do you wash the duck the same way you would wash a chicken???you know the process where you rinse and rinse until the water comes clear. should you do the same process with a duck as well.

jacob burton's picture

I don't rinse my duck, but I also don't rinse my chicken. The rinsing of chicken has stemmed from people being overly paranoid with the chicken carrying bacteria, but it really isn't necessary, especially if you buy a fresh, good quality chicken to begin with.

CookingFool101's picture

hi, oh you don't have to rince duck or chickenindecision. i was taught that you rinse out all poultry for fear of  contaimination.  so its not really necesary to rinse oout the duck wow okay alright i think i can cut up a duck. i can cut up a chicken duck doesn't seem all that hard after veiwing your videos. thanks!