CKS 029| How To Break Down A Whole Chicken In Under 60 Seconds


This video will demonstrate how to butcher a chicken in under 60 seconds.

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chef will's picture

your skill is indeed elite may i ask did you work as a butcher you seem to have butcher master skills if so i see that working for one for few years is indeed a idea to get to your level of skill i will say i hope to have a double portion of your mantle never have i seen such a teacher with such well rounded wit with his craft. this is the place i lay my hats honor indeed under chef Jacob which means Israel the holy people of god no greater head teacher can one ask for indeed ..................your skill reps your name perfectly. i studied at ESCOFFIER AND...AND CHEF JACOB NO TEACHER IN MY LIFE HAVE I SEEN ABLE TO FLOW AND WORD AND TEACH THE CRAFT ALL UNITED WITH PERFECTION YOU INDEED ARE IN YOUR CRAFT MY FRENCH MASTER WOULD BE PROUD TO HAVE KNOWN YOU BUT I WILL MY WISE SEE YOU ARE UNIVERSAL ABLE TO TEACH ITS A VERY RARE GIFT OF TRAINED ABLE ONE SO GREAT I SEEK TO BE LIKE YOU .FOR AS LONG AS YOU WILL TEACH I WILL LEARN AS I HAVE BEEN INDEED COME A MEET YOU IN THE FUTURE BUT RIGHT NOW I AM CHEF SON LEARNING FROM YOU WHICH MAKES MY WHOLE FAMILY PROUD I COME FROM THREE GENERATIONS OF CHEFS AND WE THINK YOU ARE IRON-CHEF EASY I WANT TO SEE GREAT BOB FLAY GET CREAMED BY YOU ...INDEED  .......................

jacob burton's picture

I'm glad you're enjoying the videos. I did not formally train as a butcher, but I learned along the way. Remember, I'm just one person trying to share my knowledge, nothing more. If you're finding my videos and podcasts helpful, that's all that counts.

Just a friendly reminder, when posting to Stella Culinary, please take an extra moment to add punctuation and formatting to your comments. This will make it much easier to read and respond. Also, typing large portions of your post IN ALL CAPS is commonly seen on the internet as aggressive, yelling, and/or rude. I know that this was not your intention at all and that you're just jazzed to be around like minded people who love learning about cooking as much as you do, but I just wanted to give you a heads up since interacting in the Stella Culinary community will be an important part of your continued learning.

Thanks again for your nice comment, and welcome to Stella Culinary.

YvettyA's picture

Wow Chef Jacob,
As a home cook, I am really enjoying listening to your podcasts and watching your videos. I have really been learning a whole lot so far. Thanks so much! You have a real talent for teaching and have managed to clear up a lot of concepts for me. The science of cooking has also been an area that interests me a lot and you have done an excellent job of explaining this along the way.

I can't wait to impart some of what I have learnt so far in my cooking at home. I think my family is going to be so surprised at the difference!

Yvettey A.