CKS 007| How To Julienne An Onion

Start by topping and tailing the onion and peeling off the outer skin.

How to Julienne an Onion - Step One

Starting on the same side of the onion as your knife hand, make thin, slightly angled cuts towards the center of the onion, using proper guide hand technique to make sure your cuts are uniform, thin and accurate.

How to Julienne an Onion - Step Two

Once your knife reaches a 90° angle (halfway through the onion), roll the onion on its side and continue as before.

How to Julienne an Onion - Step Three

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RichardinJax's picture

It's a great vid but I've one thing to say. No one that cooks for a family is going to cut enough onions to acquire the skill to do so at warp 10.  Nor do they need to.  Robotic speed is for the kitchen of a busy restaurant. Proper cut, no matter how long it takes, is needed in the home kitchen.