Chef Jacob Burton

Hi, I’m Jacob Burton, Executive Chef of Stella Culinary, and host of The Stella Culinary School Podcast.

Before I started culinary school, I realized there were many books, websites, and shows devoted to cooking, but very few ever teach you how to cook. Every one of them was “a pinch of this, a teaspoon of that, simmer for 20 minutes and it will be the best (fill in the blank) you’ve ever tasted. ”

For me, that just wasn’t enough. I had to know the whys and hows of cooking, and if it meant dropping $60,000 on culinary school so be it.

Being frustrated by the lack of cooking technique available to the general public, and always having the dream of someday being a professional chef, I took out a student loan and attended culinary school in San Francisco. While there, I was lucky enough to beg my way into a high end French restaurant and work as an intern.

As I moved on and graduated, eventually becoming an Executive Chef, I never forgot my roots. I never forgot what is was like to crave technique over recipes.

That’s why I started the The Free Culinary School Podcast, which later evolved into this website, Stella Culinary. This site was never intended to be another recipe site (although we do have a recipe section), but instead it was established to teach passionate cooks professional techniques; forever breaking your bonds to uninspired recipe books and soulless cooking shows.

Whether you’re in the industry or a passionate hobbyist, this website wasn’t set up for me to talk at you, but instead talk with you; to learn with you; to become a better cook with you. That’s why I always encourage the listeners and readers to interact, and is why we have the Stella Culinary Forum, where you can ask questions, make comments, and connect with other passionate cooks and professionals.

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Jacob Burton
Executive Chef
Stella Culinary
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