How to Pickle Watermelon Rind


In a previous video, I demonstrated how to peel and slice watermelon for use on a fruit platter or salad. In this video we’ll take the left-over rind and turn into a versatile condiment by using a fairly straight forward pickling process.

First, remove any remaining red portions of watermelon that are still attached to the rind and then fillet the rind away from the outer skin, which itself isn’t edible.

Once you’ve removed the outer skin, slice the rind into thin strips and pack into clean mason jars. You’ll usually need about 3 12oz mason jars to pickle the rind of one watermelon.

Form here, simply use equal parts vinegar and water (a 1:1 ratio), combine in a mixing bowl, add a little salt for seasoning and enough sugar to subdue the harsh bite of the vinegar.

Fill mason jars with pickling liquid and refrigerate for 24-48 hours before serving. This pickled watermelon rind can be stored in your refrigerator for up to a month.

Now the actual flavors that you use to pickle your watermelon rind can be simple like the above example, or a little more complex. If you want to play around with some more unique flavorings, here are some suggestions:

  • Replace some or all of the water with fruit juice or other flavored liquids including watermelon, cucumber, sake, mirin, wine, tequila or a combination thereof. Sodas such as Sprite or Ginger Ale could also work.

  • Replace some or all of the vinegar with acidic juices like lemon, lime or yuzu.

  • Instead of using granulated sugar as a sweetener, try using honey, brown sugar or palm sugar.

  • Add spices for added depth a