How To Clean And Slice A Portobello Mushroom | Video


How To Clean And Slice A Portobello Mushroom

How to clean a portobello mushroom step one
The portobello mushroom is a fully-grown Crimino mushroom which is an un-blanched version of the white button mushroom, commonly found in supermarkets. Although blanching usually refers to par cooking, in the agricultural industry it refers to growing produce in the absences of light, not allowing it to produce any color.

Because it’s an older version of a mushroom, the cap is spread out the “gills” are fully exposed. This leads to the mushroom slightly drying out, which in turn concentrates its flavors and gives it a sought after meaty texture.

To properly prep, start by removing the stem. This can be done by simply holding the cap in one hand and the stem in the other; give the stem a firm twist and it will come right off. The stem is removed because it is quite fibrous; however, this does not mean it should be thrown out. It’s a great addition to stock and when diced or finely sliced, adds a nice element to long simmered soups and stews.
How to clean a portobello mushroom step two
Next, remove the black gills on the underside of the mushroom cap by scraping with the edge of a spoon. The gills are generally removed because their dark color will leach into your dish and unlike the cap itself, has a very mushy and un-appealing texture.