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Hard at work creating new videos for your educational enjoyment!

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Nice kitchen!  I like the wooden counters on wheels, and the tables too.  Oh, as long as I'm dreaming, just wrap up the whole thing.

"People who love to eat are always the best people." -- Julia Child

Wisconsin Limey's picture

Was it raining in the kitchen?

Jacobite's picture

Chuckle.Thanks for the giggle, mate. 

jacob burton's picture

Yes...It was a torrential downpour of AWESOMENESS! ;-)

Justin.Cipriano4's picture

the video camara is just a normal flip? lol ultra hd

jacob burton's picture

@ Justin,

Yep, just a FlipHD. The problem with small cameras like this is that they don't shoot good in low light, have horrible microphones and the video shake is really bad. But if you have it on a tri-pod, shoot in a well lit environment and then voice over the video with a professional mic, you're good to go. I actually have a nicer video camera but the Flip isn't fussy, it's easy to move around, and if it goes crashing into a hot vat of oil, I'm only out a hundred and something dollars.

I was sad to learn that Cisco has discontinued the Flip Camera. I think I'll order a couple more on Amazon before they're no longer available.