Sourdough Boule - Tease

Been shooting lots of video this past week for our Stella Bread Series that will supplement some of our upcoming audio lectures. This is a 70% hydration boule with about 10% whole wheat and leavened with a sourdough starter. The video turned out great, the bread was AWESOME, but first, we need to get through two more audio lectures to lay a nice foundation. Sorry to be such a tease!

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So you wanna tease, eh? ;-)

My breadbaking journey started by trying (and still trying) to replicate an Italian bread that is common in the Niagara Falls are of N.A. On the US side DiCamillos Scaletta bread and also the now defunct Trusellos Bakery are excellent Italian breads. On the Canadian side, Portage Street Bakery makes the same excellent Italian bread, but without the sesame seeds.

Both breads are made from 100% durum flour, and are chewy, tasty (especially as toast) and just something one can't find in Timbukto Michigan.

These are my latest attempts, both as a batard and a boule. The durum flour make a nice soft bread, but my versions, using the Pane Di Altamura recipe from Carol Field's The Italian Baker are nice, but not close to the Niagara Falls Italian breads. Even when using a Biga made from IDY.

Someday I will get it, but till then, it is fun trying. ;-)

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Yes, your boule picture is a tease, but it looks like it will be worth the wait.  Skflyfish, your breads are also beautiful.  Here is an old photo of one of my boules with some pita bread behind it (marathon bread baking day).  Looking at these breads makes me realize how much I've learned from this site. These are my pre-Stella breads :)

"People who love to eat are always the best people." -- Julia Child

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Please, no teasing!

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Well, by the looks of it, I should just cancel the rest of the bread series and move on! ;-) Those are some beautiful loaves.

On second thought, there's nothing that I enjoy talking about more then bread....

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Nice looking boule also. I also think you kitchen looks awesome from some of the pics I have seen.


Yes, please continue. I also love talking anything bread and I can't think of a better place to do it. ;-)