Announcing Stella's Five Day Culinary Boot Camp This November, 5-9th.



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You might also find this boot camp wrap up post interesting, where we go over all the dishes the boot camp students created for their final exam.

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tony's picture

Hi Chef , this a great great idea , i am sure that this Boot Camp is very helpful .          

I really imagine what an intensive culinary training program with you Chef Jacob and your team could do for the students ? Do all the best for everytime . " Act and not knowledge is the great end of life " , and that's i truely have learned from this site and you Chef Jacob ...
I would love to join in this wonderful camp, but I will be very busy in this November .
Special thanks for you Chef Jacob and for Stella Restaurant .


jacob burton's picture

Thanks for the kind words Tony, I appreciate the support.

carolwithnoe's picture

Hi Chef Jacob;

I sure wish I was good enough to attend.  I've spent all Summer practicing all I have learned but it's so difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.  When not practicing I was riding across the country on my Harley lol. I am on the waiting list for the next one or the one after that.  I wish you and the soldiers all the success in the world.

Thank you for this site and the opportunity to continue learning.



jacob burton's picture

Hi Carol,


Sounds like you had a great summer! So glad to hear that you signed up for our waiting list. We plan on doing another one next spring since this one sold out so quickly. If you're on our waiting list than you'll be the first to know.



Sbr6261991's picture

Hi Chef just wondering where is your restaurant located because i am interested in this boot camp i love cooking plus you also inspired to me to new recipes so i would like to attend to your future boot camps 

jacob burton's picture

We are located in Truckee, CA, about 15 miles away from the north shore of Lake Tahoe.

Silver Kat's picture

The bootcamp is scheduled for the one weekend this autumn that is absolutely booked on my calender! I hope this is such a success that you'll schedule more bootcamps in future. Two of us will drive to Truckee from the Midwest to attend your class.

To any Stella classmates sitting on the fence: Go for it before it fills.
It is rare to get access to a restaurant kitchen at all (unless you wash dishes). Getting access to a restaurant kitchen AND classes with a professional chef is as rare as running into the POTUS at your corner Starbucks.

jacob burton's picture

Hi Kat,


The boot camp actually sold out in three days when we announced it in last month. We do plan on doing another one next spring. I'd recommend signing up for our separate boot camp e-mail list on the sales page.

Ande33's picture

The training is planned for the one few days this fall that is definitely reserved on my calender! I wish this is such a achievements that you'll routine more bootcamps later on.



funkymunky125's picture

Hey chef,
Love the site, answers lot of questions people take for granted, honestly no one ever taught me the proper way to read a ticket, had never even heard of firing courses separately until last year. Would love to be part of the boot camp in Spring 2016 but I keep getting the message: UNABLE TO ESTABLISH DATA CONNECTION when I click the link. Take care and thank you for paving the way,
-Mario B.

jacob burton's picture

Hey Mario,

Glad you're enjoying the site. If you're on our e-mail list, then you'll be the first to hear when we release our boot camp dates.

Thanks for the heads up on the broken link. I'll look into it.