Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 17| Canapes

SCS 017| Canapes

In this episode, we finish our Basic Garde Manger Course with a lesson on Canapes, those nice little one bite hors d’oeuvre that you’ll find at cocktail parties and wine tastings.

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Porkbutter's picture

I know there wasn't assigned homework, but I found a reason to make some Canapes and thought I'd post it.  This is a Siracha Chicken Canape with roasted garlic & mushroom aoli, served on fried polenta and garnished with fresh mint. 

Porkbutter's picture

They tasted great and were a big hit.  The textures and flavor profiles balanced nicely.  The Siracha on the chicken added a touch of heat that was balanced by the fat, and the mint lent a fresh finish. 

It's definitely a confidence booster when you stretch yourself and kill it.  The only thing I would like to do better was the fried Polenta was a bit oily even though I fried them in a ripping hot pan with Canola oil.  I'm thinking next time thinner wafers would help resolve that, assuming they don't fall apart.  I also really wish my food budget was a little more robust. I would have loved to do something with a nicer protein, but it is what it is. 

GreenBake's picture

An odd-ball question prompted by some crackers seasoned on one side...

Other than the issue of seasoning falling off (sesame seeds, etc.), would it be better to have the seasoned side face up or down?

My thinking is this:

If the seasoning is on the bottom, it would come in direct contact with the tongue.

If it is on the top, it would be easier for the volatile oils to get into the nose, which we would sense as flavor.

jacob burton's picture

Seasoning won't fall off if you add it 20 minutes prior to baking.

As for seasoning on top or bottom, I would say do a side by side taste test, but I always do seasoning on top.

GreenBake's picture

I suppose it would depend on the individual canape. The seasoned crackers (by themselves) had more of an impact seasoned side down. Others may be different, of course. At least this got me thinking about flavor structure in a different light.

By the way, is a single canape a canape or a canapes?